Self-proclaimed ‘stickup guy’ found guilty of first-degree murder of Chicago Police officer Michael Bailey


Antwon Carter, who bragged to numerous people about killing Chicago Police Officer Michael Bailey, was found guilty of first-degree murder Thursday afternoon.

Carter’s trial was in its second week when jurors began deliberations. On Tuesday, prosecutors played video of the July 2011 interrogation, showing a relatively civil exchange between detectives and a then 24-year-old suspect who was picking at a gyro sandwich.

Carter, whose first name is listed as “Antwon” in court records, talked gamely about his technique as a “stickup guy” but wouldn’t admit to killing Bailey even after detectives told him he’d been identified by witnesses in a lineup.

In closing arguments, Assistant State’s Attorney Natosha Toller held out the blood-stained uniform shirt that Michael Bailey was wearing the morning he was shot dead in front of his house nearly a decade ago, and told jurors the brown stains showed the killer must have known Bailey was a cop.

“The wounds show that the gunshots pierced through his uniform shirt above the jersey” that Bailey wore over his blue CPD top after finishing his shift, Toller said in her closing statement Thursday, arguing for a guilty verdict on charges of first-degree murder for Antwon Carter.

The six-day trial ended some eight years after Carter was arrested for shooting Bailey in what Toller said was a car-jacking attempt that spiraled into a fatal shootout between the veteran officer and Carter. Bailey, a member of then Mayor Richard M. Daley’s security detail, had been touching up his brand new Buick when he was attacked, and a managed to return fire despite being shot three times. Carter was arrested a year later, based largely on statements he made to friends and prison inmates, bragging about shooting the 62-year-old officer.

Carter’s lawyer, Assistant Public Defender Ed Koziboski, told the jury that those incriminating boasts didn’t gibe with the facts of the crime laid out over the course of the trial. The scrawny Carter, hoping to build up his reputation by claiming to be a cop-killer, had made up a “cowboy story” about a shootout.

“Antwon Carter is telling these stories because that’s how you build your cred on the street, making you bigger than you are, making you more than just a stick-up kid,” Koziboski said to the jury. “How do you get respect? By being the crazy guy who killed that officer.”

Bailey was one of six CPD officers killed in 2010, one of the deadliest years on record for the department in recent decades.

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