‘Every Family Has That One Kid’: Wisconsin Mom’s Photo of 3 Kids With Fish Becomes Viral Meme


Snapping a cute photo of three children isn’t always easy – but sometimes, you strike gold.

That’s what happened to a Wisconsin mother whose photo of her three sons took over social media this week.

Marika Daniels, who recently moved with her family to Eau Claire, Wisconsin, shared a photo of her three boys after a trip to a children’s museum in Brookings, South Dakota. 

There, the kids were able to go “fishing” in a pond, which had fake fish in it for children to catch. 

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In the image, two of the proud young fishermen, 4-year-old Levi and 3-year-old Logan, hold their “catch” in their hands, but the youngest, Landon, decided to mix it up.

The 18-month-old instead put the fish in his mouth.

Daniels said she didn’t realize what she had captured until later.

“When I was taking the picture, I was focused on getting Levi and Logan to look at my camera. I told everyone to hold the fish up by their face and Landon took it quite literally,” Daniels told NBC 5. “I didn’t really realize he did that until after I looked through my pictures on the phone. I just giggled when I saw the picture and thought ‘oh, Landon.’”

And that’s exactly how she captioned her photo.

The image was quickly turned into a meme and posted across several social media pages, where it continues to garner hundreds of thousands of shares.

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“My friends started sharing my picture and it just started to spread like wild fire,” Daniels said. “I honestly was shocked (and I still kind of am) at how many times this picture has been shared. Never in a million years did I think this would go viral let alone turned into a meme.”

Daniels said she is “humbled” by the laughter her image has brought to people.

“I think the world needs to smile and laugh more and I feel so honored this picture helped,” she said.

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