Fake Cop Is Stopping People, Asking For Breathalyzer Test – CBS Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) — He had a badge, radio and even handcuffs.

But CBS 2’s Tim McNicholas has learned that a man who pulled a woman over in Portage, Indiana wasn’t a real cop.

The victim said she showed the police impersonator her ID with her address on it when she was pulled over last week. She’s concerned about him trying to find her and retaliate for her sharing the story.

So she asked CBS 2 to hide her identity.

“Now I’m kinda freaked out,” said the woman. Her plan was to drive home and bring her kids lunch after a day at work in Portage. Then she saw the flashing lights behind her.

“He said he had seen my car at the bar since early this morning and I said ‘yeah, that’s because I work there.’”

She said the supposed cop had handcuffs, a radio and some kind of badge when he asked her if she’d mind taking a breathalyzer.

“And I said absolutely not. I’ve had water all day.”

The Portage Police Department uses one kind of machine for breathalyzer tests. But the woman said the device she saw looked nothing like it.

The man was driving in an unmarked dark blue Crown Victoria.

“He said that I had passed and I could go on my way and he was gonna let me go with a warning,” she said.

She drove home and grew suspicious of the stop, in part because the man had a plain polo instead of a police uniform. She later got in touch with Portage police about the incident.

“Our patrol officers know to be on the lookout for the car,” said Chief Troy Williams. He added that he has no reports of the DUI stop, and by Indiana law, police have to be in either a marked uniform or marked police car for a standard traffic stop.

“So just the overall description, we don’t believe it to be an off-duty officer or an officer from another jurisdiction. We believe this is a police impostor.”

“It freaks me out because why would somebody who is not a police officer pull someone over? What was the reasoning,” she wondered.

Chief Williams didn’t really understand it either. “I’m not sure the motive at this time,” he said.

The chief said he is reaching out to other local police departments to see if they’ve heard of any recent police impostors.

Police said if you have had a suspicious traffic stop recently, they want to hear from you.