2 Pit Bulls, Already Declared Vicious, Attack Dachshund In Westchester – CBS Chicago


WESTCHESTER, Ill. (CBS) — Two pit bulls that had previously been declared “vicious” by a judge attacked a smaller dog that later died in west suburban Westchester this past weekend, police said.

Westchester police were called for a report of two loose pit bull terriers in the area of Suffolk Avenue and Dickens Street at 6:39 p.m. Sunday.

Police said the pit bulls, which had both been declared “vicious” by a Cook County judge, had escaped from their home in the 1400 block of Suffolk Avenue and were running south down the street. Westchester police officers found the 16-month-old female pit bull right away and took the dog into custody without incident, police said.

But it turned out that the other pit bull, a male, attacked a dog in a backyard in the 1400 block of Norfolk Avenue a block to the east, police said. Westchester police units found a witness holding the 16-month-old male pit bull by the collar, and police apprehended the dog, police said.

The witness told officers that he had heard a dog yelping and saw the male pit bull attacking a small female dachshund in a closed backyard, police said. The witness jumped the fence and grabbed the pit bull by the collar, but for the dachshund, it was too late.

The severely injured dachshund was rushed to an emergency veterinarian hospital, and the dachshund died, police said.

The owners of the pit bulls came to the Westchester police station to claim the dogs, and decided to have the male pit bull euthanized Sunday evening, police said. The female pit bull was taken to another animal hospital, where she could be impounded pending a status decision by a Cook County judge.

Police did not specify whether the dogs that attacked on Sunday were the same ones that attacked and killed another man’s dog – also a dachshund – in Westchester back in November.

Carl Panek, 81, told CBS 2 he was taking his dog on a nightly walk when the pit bulls came out and “shredded (the dachshund), it was like nothing.”

Panek tried to push the dogs off, but wound up with 15 puncture wounds on his hands.

Neighbor Elanie Granados told CBS 2 she encountered the dogs moments earlier while unloading groceries.

“They were like in a pack, hunting, sprinting. It’s like they had like a motive,” she said in November.

At the time, the town ruled the dogs dangerous, but they were allowed to go home – to the concern of many residents.

In the Sunday incident, the dog’s owners could not figure out how their dogs escaped from a court-ordered enclosure. The dogs’ owner was issued multiple citations for each dog including violations of the Westchester Ordinances for Regulations of Vicious and Dangerous Dogs, having a dog at large, and license violations.

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