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Officials Investigating Another Garage Owned By Abortion Doctor Who Kept 2,200 Fetal Remains – CBS Chicago

Officials Investigating Another Garage Owned By Abortion Doctor Who Kept

CHICAGO (CBS)– Investigators are going to turn their focus on a garage in Indiana that is owned by an abortion doctor who is said to have kept over 2,200 fetal remains at a different garage in Illinois.

The doctor lost his license and closed his abortion clinic in Gary in 2015.

When Doctor Ulrich Klopfer died this month, he took to the grave answers to why he reportedly kept the remains at his Crete Township home, how he got them there and who were the mothers.

But CBS 2 dug into property records and learned the doctor, who is said to have kept over 2,000 fetal remains in his home garage, also owned a garage fifteen yards behind the clinic.

And there may be more properties to search.

For decades Klopfer practiced in Fort Wayne, South Bend and Gary. Earlier this week, CBS 2 learned about the remains found at his home and on Wednesday, CBS 2 has learned investigators may pay special attention to a storage garage he’s owned for almost 20 years in Gary.

Located directly behind a now shuttered clinic, sources tell CBS 2 police want to examine this building to see what might be inside.

Elsewhere in his real estate portfolio, CBS 2 learned that in 2013 when he was pulled over for speeding he gave the address for this home in Clarkston, Michigan near Detroit which registers to an Erwin Klopfer.

Through his life, he defended his actions and a woman’s right to choose.

Neighbors say they hadn’t seen the doctor here in years. He also owned a building to the side of the old clinic.

The family of the doctor is said to be helping authorities, who plan to reveal much more of their investigation Thursday, one full week since those remains were first discovered.