Basic kickboxing moves can rev up your workouts


Kickboxing is a fun workout that can be modified for all workout levels. Today we’re highlighting two of the most basic moves that you can do in your right in your living room to prep for your first kickboxing class or to simply up the ante of your current workouts.

Basic Jab

Health and fitness expert Stephanie Mansour throws a jab during kickboxing exercises.
Brian Ernst/Sun-Times

Start in your self-defense position: You’ll have your feet staggered with the right foot in front and the right hand in front. Both the hands are up at your chin height.

Use the front hand to throw the basic jab. Extend the punch and rotate your shoulders so that you end up facing sideways. Keep the shoulders low and the knees bent.

Keep in mind you don’t want to snap your arm straight into full extension; you want to stop almost at full extension. Your strength comes from your legs in this exercise.

When you bring the arm back in, it stays elevated.

Repeat this 10 times on each side.

Side Kick

Stephanie Mansour throws a side kick while demonstrating kickboxing exercises.

Stephanie Mansour throws a side kick while demonstrating kickboxing exercises.
Brian Ernst/Sun-Times

You don’t need a punching bag for this! You can use a pad with a partner or just do it on your own.

Place your fists over the front of your face. Keep the foot on you standing leg turned out slightly. Bring the kicking knee up toward your chest, and then stomp outward to the side. Bring the knee back toward you. Do this slowly and then you can speed it up!

Repeat 10 times to each side.

Kickboxing is a great cardio and strength-training workout that can be done a few times a week!

Stephanie Mansour wants you to “step up” your fitness regimen. Mansour coaches private clients in weight loss, provides fitness/health/lifestyles advice on national TV shows, and offers her free 21 Day Challenge online. Check out her fitness tips every Thursday in the Well section of the Chicago Sun-Times. And visit her website at

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