Activists Criticize Hiring of Chicago Police Interim Superintendent


Activists in Chicago and Los Angeles have criticized the Chicago Police Department’s decision to hire former LAPD Chief Charlie Beck as interim superintendent, citing a controversial policing program and his handling of issues involving minorities. 

Beck, who will take over when CPD Supt. Eddie Johnson retires at the beginning of 2020, toured the 7th District Police Headquarters on Saturday along with Johnson and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot

In an open letter to Chicago residents, Black Lives Matter of Los Angeles condemned Beck for “rolling out a predictive policing program” that the organization claimed “enabled the heightened surveillance and criminalization of black and brown communities.”

The activist group also claims LAPD became the “most murderous police department in the nation” with 45 officer-involved shootings and in-custody deaths in 2017.”

Lightfoot Introduces New Interim Chicago Top Cop” data-desktopflashpid=”” data-thumb=”*367/WMAQ_100000005753309.JPG” data-contenturl=”//” data-isthisalivestream=”false” data-m3upid=”” data-timestamp=”Friday, Nov. 8, 2019″ data-videomediaid=”1638528579782″ data-fwpolicymarket=”39065468″ data-syndicationallowed=”true” data-dfxpurl=”” data-contentsources=”Uncategorized” data-lengthms=”310310″ data-author=”” data-feature=”Uncategorized”>

Lightfoot Introduces New Interim Chicago Top Cop

Johnson and Lightfoot painted a much different picture, calling Beck a “man of integrity,” and pointed out strategies used by the former LAPD chief are also responsible for a 52% crime drop in Chicago‘s 7th District. 

“I think he’s got, again, a record and a legacy of bridging a divide between community that’s really admirable,” Lightfoot previously said in touting Beck’s history as chief in LA. “This is a guy who knows how to get something done.”  

Mark Carter, a Chicago activist who previously organized Black Friday protests on Michigan Avenue, promise even more protests after learning about the Black Lives Matter Letter concerning Beck.

“He gets the best credit in the world if he would get on a plane, and go back to California,” Carter said. 

Despite the criticism, city officials are still standing firm on their decision.

“When you’re in a high profile public position, specifically a chief, you’re going to get criticism,” Mayor Lightfoot said. “It just comes with the territory.” 

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Chicago’s New Interim Top Cop Introduces Himself

[CHI] Chicago's New Interim Top Cop Introduces Himself

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