Erosion Barrier Boulders To Go Up In Rogers Park – CBS Chicago


CHICAGO (CBS) – Only on CBS 2 – an emergency fix for a dramatic problem in Rogers Park.

Record lake levels sending waves crashing into homes along the lake.

If you live along the lake in Rogers Park, prepare for construction headed your way for the next couple of months. That’s because the city said it’s starting an emergency project to protect the parks at risk from the lake come Monday.

CBS 2’s Marissa Parra went out to the northern part of the city get answers.

It’s a short term solution to stop the erosion.

We’re still trying to find out how much this would cost and who is paying for it, but we do know it involves tons of boulders and the project starts Monday.

People passing by Rogers Park are confused by the new scenery at Juneway Terrace.

“We have a lot of rail and cable link fencing,” said artist Davis McCarty.

But McCarty is looking for something specific.

“I spent a year of my life and a lot of my savings building this sculpture. This was my gift to the city,” he said.

McCarty made this sculpture to be seen, but right now, you can only see it through the chain link fence. The good news is the fences are temporary.

Alderman Maria Hadden’s office said that come Monday, the park will be a construction site.

At some point over the next few weeks, tons of boulders will be placed where months of repeated storms have caused sunken sidewalks and sinkholes.

Which are just yards away from McCarty’s sculpture.

“It’s only fitting that as things crumbled around it, it’s still standing strong,” McCarty said.

The alderman’s office said the plan is  to put the stone retaining walls along the shoreline at Juneway to stop the erosion before it gets worse. The hope is that this will buy three to five years while everyone tries to find the long-term answers.

And if all goes according to plan, those same walls and fences could end up saving the park and McCarty’s pride and joy.

“It’s not often we can say we’re making progress by building walls. But I hope in this case it’s true,” McCarty added.

The alderman’s office says that once Juneway is finished. They’ll move on to Howard Park, then Rogers Park to do the same. They’re just starting in the order of severity.

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