Who Killed A Couple In Their Buffalo Grove Garage? – CBS Chicago


CHICAGO (CBS) — Ambushed in their own parking garage.

A couple in their 60s shot and killed by a gunman who’s still on the loose.

CBS 2’s Chris Tye has the latest from Buffalo Grove where authorities said they have a pretty crisp picture of him. They said it comes from a camera inside the garage where it happened.

When they hit the garage remote, the couple in their 60’s thought they were the only ones entering their Lake Boulevard condo garage.

But a man police said is also in his 60’s with gray hair and dark clothing slipped in.

As the couple exited their car, police said he came up from behind, engaged in a brief conversation, and then began shooting both of them multiple times, killing them.

“I’m very worried about living here,” said resident Barbara Matuzak. She and her son Stanley are coming and going and worrying.

“Scared that he is still on the loose and they haven’t captured him,” said Stanley.

On Monday, police using advanced sonar technology canvased the small pond behind the condo, looking for any weapon or clue that may help with a case that has a gunman on the loose.

Investigators said they don’t believe the shooter is an active threat to the community. When asked why, investigators said that answer would jeopardize the investigation.

Alex Paver is a retired auto-mechanic who worked on the couples cars over the years. He said the community that surrounds the lake is largely made up of Russian immigrants, including the two victims.

“They’re very nice people,” Paver said.

Most people settle there for the quiet. But as longtime friends learned the news this morning, they found it to be troubling at the least.

“My wife was upset, very upset,” said Paver.

A community upset. A lake search that yielded nothing. And a gunman still at large.

“Something happened like this, and you’re sleeping and you don’t know whats going on. It bothers me,” said Matuzak.

Police don’t think the couple knew the man. There’s no evidence that he was a resident at the condo. So far no suspects, and the names of the victims won’t be released until their family is notified.

There is, according to authorities, very clear security footage for some reason that has not been released yet.

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