Video Shows Mob of Teens Trampling Cars, Wreaking Havoc in Hyde Park on Halloween

A massive group of teens stormed a street in Chicago’s Hyde Park on Halloween, damaging dozens of cars while shouting and setting off what appeared to be firecrackers in a shocking scene caught on camera.

According to police, a large group of teens damaged several vehicles in the 5400 block of South Ridgewood Wednesday in the Chicago neighborhood considered a popular destination for trick-or-treaters.

Police said no one was injured and no one was in custody in connection with the incident.

Video captured by one resident shows a sea of people jumping on vehicles, some stomping windshields as car alarms go off and people screamed. At one point, at least two flashes and booms can be seen in what appear to be firecrackers thrown into yards. 

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“We heard the commotion, that’s why we came out and we just saw 150 kids just running on top of cars- everything,” said resident Nick Behzadi. “You want to do something, you want to stop them, but you can’t because there are so many. Safest thing is just to stay back.” 

Police said seven cases of car vandalism were officially reported within a three-block radius, but video from the scene showed more than two dozen vehicles damaged on one street alone.

“They came flying through the neighborhood and took out their energy, frustration, whatever on the windshields of a lot of people on this block, which is unfortunate,” said resident Bennie Currie.

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