‘Rather Be in My Classroom’: Geneva Teachers March on 3rd Day of Strike

On bitter cold Wednesday in front of Geneva High School teachers rallied once again as they marched into a third day of a strike.

Veteran fifth grade teacher Tammy Thompson has a problem with the districts offer to give new teachers a much bigger salary increase versus educators like herself.

“I do not want to be at this point,” Thompson said. “Now I would much rather be in my classroom.”

“We need to pay a good starting wage to our teachers and that needs to filter through the whole a salary schedule,” she added.

Geneva Teachers Could Strike Tuesday

Some students have offered their support to the nearly 500 striking teachers, but those same students have been out of school for two days and the possibility of this strike going longer raises lots of questions for parents.

“We are now two weeks away from finals,” said parent David Frydrychowicz. “It would be nice to get them back in to get these finals done.”

On its website, District 304 officials say they want to get kids back in the classroom right now, but want to make sure both sides reach “a fair and fiscally responsible contract agreement.”

Geneva Teachers Negotiate Contracts

Geneva Teachers Negotiate Contracts

“I am confident that we will get his resolved it’s just a matter of how quickly we get there,” said Kevin Gannon of the Geneva Education Association.

Another teachers rally will be held right before the next bargaining session on Thursday at 7 p.m. in Geneva.

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