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Wild Waves Threaten Indiana Dunes In Portage – CBS Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) — Dramatic flooding at the Indiana Dunes. It’s so bad, a popular part of the park is threatened. CBS 2’s Tim McNicholas reports there’s a push to shut that lakefront down. The howling wind and frozen scenery won’t stop Michelle Dover from visiting the Indiana Dunes. “Actually we just wanted to see what it actually looked like in real life with the waves crossing over to the other side,” Dover said. She’d only seen it in videos, like one taken on Monday. It shows Lake Michigan crashing past the dune and into a separate body of water, behind ... Read more

ArcelorMittal Missed Warning Signs Prior To Indiana Cyanide Spill – CBS Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) — More trouble for the steel plant that leaked toxic chemicals killing thousands of fish, and shutting down part of the Indiana Dunes. CBS 2 has learned that the company ArcelorMittal missed warning signs a week before the spill. Tim McNicholas has the latest from Portage, Indiana. Arcelormittal is guilty of seven violations. That’s according to a report from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. That means the company will likely face steep fines. And the state is now deciding how much the company should pay. Around 3,000 fish were killed by a cyanide and ammonia nitrogen spill ... Read more

Indiana Dunes National Park Beaches Re-Open After Cyanide Spill

Beaches at the Indiana Dunes National Park have re-opened after a cyanide spill caused a massive fish kill earlier this month.  Beaches at the Indiana Dunes National Park have re-opened after a cyanide spill caused a massive fish kill earlier this month.  According to the Indiana Dunes Tourism service, the beaches re-opened after Thursday afternoon after a series of water tests showed no detection of cyanide or any other hazardous chemicals in the Little Calumet River or along Lake Michigan beaches.  After the spill, which occurred earlier this month, the park’s Portage Lakefront and Riverwalk beaches were closed and swimming ... Read more

Portage Lakefront and Riverwalk Beach At Indiana Dunes National Park Reopen Following Cyanide Spill – CBS Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) — The National Park Service reopened the water for swimming at the Portage Lakefront and Riverwalk beach in the Indiana Dunes National Park Thursday. It also reopened all of the Little Calumet River within the national park. Both were shut down following a cyanide spill in the area last week. Hundreds of fish were killed as a direct result. The Little Calumet River feeds into the waterway, and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management said the fish were dying due to a cyanide and ammonia-nitrogen spill. The City of Portage blamed ArcelorMittal, a steel manufacturer with a large plant ... Read more

ArcelorMittal Knew About Spill 4 Days Before Telling State – CBS Chicago

PORTAGE, Ind. (CBS) — Steel manufacturer ArcelorMittal has admitted that it knew about a chemical spill that contaminated the Little Calumet River in Northwest Indianaas far back as Sunday, Aug. 11, but did not notify Indiana state officials until four days later. ArcelorMittal told the Indiana Department of Environmental Management about the blast furnace failure that caused the spill on Thursday, Aug. 15, the IDEM said. IDEM immediately notified the news media, stakeholders, and Portage, Indiana Mayor John Cannon, and also dispatched emergency responders, the IDEM said. CBS 2 learned earlier this week that the spill of cyanide and ammonia ... Read more

ArcelorMittal Says It Has Seen Improvements Since Chemical Spill – CBS Chicago

PORTAGE, Ind. (CBS) — Steel manufacturer ArcelorMittal said it has continued sampling water in the Little Calumet River throughout the weekend after a chemical spill left hundreds of fish dead last week. ArcelorMittal said in a statement Sunday that it has been working closely with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, and the U.S. Coast Guard throughout the weekend. The company also said it has been conducting daily samplings at the two wastewater outfalls where the spills happened last week, as well as downstream samplings every quarter mile for ... Read more

Portage Police Union Plans To Give Away AR-15 As Raffle Prize – CBS Chicago

PORTAGE, Ind. (CBS) — Some residents and a local lawmaker are taking issue as the Fraternal Order of Police in Portage, Indiana is giving away an assault rifle as a top raffle prize. As CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov reported, it costs only $5 for a chance to win an AR-15 at the fundraiser for Portage, Indiana’s local Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 145. Its members say it’s a common way to raise cash. The area’s Senator doesn’t care. “Buy a ticket, win an assault rifle – I can’t believe that really doing that,” said Indiana state Sen. Karen Tallian (D-Portage). ... Read more

Fake Cop Is Stopping People, Asking For Breathalyzer Test – CBS Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) — He had a badge, radio and even handcuffs. But CBS 2’s Tim McNicholas has learned that a man who pulled a woman over in Portage, Indiana wasn’t a real cop. The victim said she showed the police impersonator her ID with her address on it when she was pulled over last week. She’s concerned about him trying to find her and retaliate for her sharing the story. So she asked CBS 2 to hide her identity. “Now I’m kinda freaked out,” said the woman. Her plan was to drive home and bring her kids lunch after a ... Read more

Issa Amer Ishtawi Called Lyft As Getaway Car After Shooting Man In Portage, Police Say – CBS Chicago

(CBS) — After shooting a man, police say, Issa Amer Ishtawi needed a getaway plan. He called a Lyft. According to police in Portage, Ind., Ishtawi shot John D. Tyer, at a mobile home in the 1200 block of Camelot Manor. Ishtawi forced his way into the home of James Burton,  44, and Jackie Bernhardt, 72, and fired at least one round inside the residence, police said. Ishtawi took Burton outside and indiscriminately fired three round into the mobile home, one of the shots truck Tyler in the left foot. Police said Tyler who was only there visiting. Ishtawi fled ... Read more